June 1, 2012

Inside a bag

Working on a new photographic series, always about women, Inside a bag: Bags reveal me secrets about their owners.
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Leather, plastic, cloth. Hard, soft, flabby. Zip or buttons, handles or shoulder strap. Black or colored, simple, or decorated. Full, messy, tank, aseptic, expensive, consumed. Each bag tells about her. We don't see her face, hair or eyes. We don't need to know her.
Every woman has her bag. The one, always ready, the one with everything you need.
And so, with the bags, I want to tell the women. Bags positioned on a neutral surface, that collapsed with the force of gravity, showing its contents. Nothing is decided before or arranged for the shot. I ask my friends to be my models, without inform them in advance. First with their bags, keeped as they always do. In the hand or on the shoulder. Then I ask them to lean it down as they always do at the bar, or at the home. And that's the bag reveals me its secrets, showing its contents. Cards, sunglasses, wallets, but also fruits, brushes, any kind of objects. My work still continues... There are still many women to tell.