May 18, 2013

The Collective & The Collection in Rome

Camera con visa The Collective and The Collection

Exhibition in Rome will take place in b>gallery, spazio espositivo
Opening 7th of June, Friday, at 7pm
Curators: Conrado Maleta' and Naama Sarid-Maleta'
Manager: Stefano Frasca

piazza Santa Cecilia 16, Rome
7-21 June 2013

The Collective & The Collection is a multi-national curatorial project that has a long and complex history and development. The first steps were done in Madrid, Spain, in the year 2006. The main idea of this adventure is the creation of a world collection of photography and drawings through exchanges.  

TC&TC was created by the Cuban artist Conrado Maleta' and the Israeli artist Naama Sarid. The process is based on the old fashionable concept for trade that is the exchange. Using the powerful source that is internet blogosphere [Flickr, Tumblr, Facebook] they select works with a very specific aesthetic personality, usually close to the idea of "construction of scenery" or "theatricality of neo-conceptual" art of today. There are clear motivations and a complete supportive background for all actions inside and outside the project. The creators usually travel and organize noncommercial expos in different places of the world in a way of showing, supporting and increasing TC&TC. Today the quantity of works is more than 400 from 34 countries and this make possible to organize exhibitions through the idea of "chapter". The stock of works and artist are far away enough for preparing expos with fresh material. Part of the idea is to do no more than one expo per year and as many publications about the project as possible. 

Why to doing this project? Because it's a very strong and exceptional postmodern curatorial project and because it is in fact not only a collection but also special atypical Collective of artists. After the first exchange it's frequent that artists start to notice, connect and also exchange between them by separate, following the stream idea of Conrado & Naama. This works like a bomb of creative waves all over the world. 

The selection of artists had interesting points, not only talking about their personal ideas of what arts most look like or even if they are neo-conceptualist in their artistic actions, but As well as in politic and anthropological ways. 

We wish to show in New York a selection of 30 artists from diverse countries like Japan, China or Iceland, United by their particular ways of produce neo-conceptual arts, photograph or drawings. We think it will be a strong and useful opportunity for all of them, to be showed, to be promoted and for the curators it is a wonderful chance for to call attention about the TC&TC and to open the wings to future collaborations of artists and institution on New York. 
Conrado Maleta' and Naama Sarid-Maleta' 
Brooklyn, 2013

Leandro Cerno [Argentina] Salvador Marquez [Argentina] Andre Fromont [Belgium] Jorge Gutierrez [Colombia] Guillermo Riveros [Colombia] Nina Moilanen [Finland] Manuel Javier Richy [France] Bruno Roy [France] Piet Biniek [Germany] Peter Kruse [Germany] Stefanos Papachristou [Greece] Ingi Orn Hafsteinsson [Iceland] Chiara Fersini [Italy] Angelo Nairod [Italy] Tobias Feltus [Italy] Dario Cogliatti [Italy] Stefano Frasca [Italy] Simona Bonanno [Italy] Liora Naiman [Israel] Danielle Malka [Israel] Moria Lahis [Israel] Hadas Tapouchi [Israel] Farbud Akhatarry [Iran] Rinat Schnadower [Mexico] Sandrine Zondervan [Mexico] Malemodulation [Norway] Monica Marcella [Norway] Karolina Wakulinska [Poland] Manuel de Teresa [Spain] Juan Jumenez Estepa [Spain] Josu Sein [Spain] Paula G. Furio [Spain] David Ruiz Ruiz [Spain] Javier de Juan-Creix [Spain] J. Trobo [Spain] Milan Rubio [Spain] Yi Hao Kan [Taiwan] David Lewis Baker [UK] J. Swofford [USA] Brian Henry [USA] Rona Glatz [Venezuela]

Two of my Chains of Silence will be exhibited at Camera con Visa exhibition.
Chains of Silence ©Simona Bonanno | right Ciudad Juarez | left Emanuela O.