September 18, 2018

we are at the 18th Pingyao International Photography Festival

From September 19th to 25th, the ancient imperial city of Pingyao will hosted the Pingyao International Photography Festival, main festival of China dedicated to photography.
Dominique Charlet, as Exhibition Curator, will exhibit 回声 ECHOS, the creations of 10 photographers, including Simona Bonanno.

Artists: Pawel Bogumil, Simona Bonanno, Fredérique Bouet, Benjamin Didier, Christoph Franke,Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze, Mariska Karto, Liliroze, Gilles Perrin, Kris Seraphin-Lange.

Diesel Engine Factory
Pingyao, China
September 19-25, 2018

© Christoph Franke / Charlet photographies

© Simona Bonanno / Charlet photographies